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Where languages are living in harmony.

Translate texts and images like never before.
Add languages and fill any of them. Others will listen and mirror your sentences.
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Tiny, but powerful!

Accurate. Driven by DeepL, the world's most accurate machine translation.

Never lose focus. It's just one step away, built right into your menu bar.

Limitless. Translate between any number of languages, not just one.

Customizable. Change Color, Font size, or System appearance.

Shortcuts. You don't need to leave your keyboard.

OCR support. Translate Images, not just Texts.

Speech recognition. Unleash your voice.

Smart. 108 supported languages.


A new translation experience you'll love.

Translate left-to-right? Not anymore.

Choose your languages and fill any of them.

Languages will carefully listen and mirror your text.

Open with ⌥⌘T, switch with , and never leave your keyboard.


Translate any number of languages.

Do you need to translate between multiple languages?

You don't need to switch back and forth anymore.

Add a new language and check your text. That's it!

Your only limitation is the height of your display.


Everyone is a little bit different.

Reorder your languages with Drag and Drop.

Change your font size to have shorter or longer lines.

Match the main color with your taste.

Supported Dark and Light mode.

Image Recognition

Translate your images with ease.

Copy your image, TinyTranslate will recognize it.

Paste it from the toolbar, or simply browse it.

The text on your image will be pasted and translated immediately.

Speech Recognition

Unleash your voice!

Do you prefer talking over typing?

You can use your voice to translate between languages!


We'd love to hear your ideas!

We're continuously improving the app to provide you the best translation experience.

For this reason, we've decided to build feedback right into the app!

All of your thoughts are appreciated.

Get it now!

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